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Rolling Meadows Puppies      Located along the Bluff in Southeast Iowa 

red maltipoo puppy

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Rolling Meadows Puppies maltipoo puppies
Rolling Meadows Puppies maltipoos
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Rolling Meadows Puppies maltipoo puppy
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Rolling Meadows Puppies Maltipoo Puppy
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Maltipoo ~ Maltepoo ~ Maltese Poodle

Our next litters are planned August 2022. 

Accepting Applications

Email Tammy for most current availability, more information and pricing!

white maltipoo puppy

Maltipoo puppies, Poochon puppies, Maltipoochon puppies, Shichon Poo puppies

See the FAQ and Puppy Application for more information on reserving a MALTIPOO puppy.

Send an Email for Current Pricing and Availability

maltipoo puppies


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Rolling Meadows Puppies ​ Offers

 Health Guarantee

Dew Claws Removed

Core Vaccinations

Well-Puppy Care Vet Exam

Lifetime Support


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