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Maltipoo puppies for sale


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Rolling Meadows Puppies      Located along the Bluff in Southeast Iowa 

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If you have questions or concerns please CONTACT US via email or phone call before filling out the application form.  More information and answers to many questions can be found on the FAQ page.

We look forward to hearing from you!   

Complete the following form to submit an application for adoption of a Rolling Meadows  Maltipoo, Maltipoochon, Poochon or Shichon Poo puppy.  The application and $250 application fee (not a deposit) reserves a position on our waiting list. Once the application and fee are complete and accepted,  a confirmation of receipt is emailed and the applicant placed on the waiting list for your preferred puppy breed and gender.

The $250 fee will be applied toward the purchase price of your puppy.  The application fee is non-refundable but transferable to another puppy (same or different breed).   Please note your preference of puppy, gender, coat coloring, and desired time frame for taking home your puppy.   Also, let us know what personality type you are looking for. 

After filling in your information click the "Submit" button below.   Please note that by clicking the "Submit" button, it will redirect you to PayPal.  The PayPal invoice is set up specifically for our puppy application fee with Rolling Meadows Puppies.

Application form must be complete and fee placed in order to be considered and placed on the waiting list.  ​


*Required Fields

*When an applicant declines and does not ask to remain on the list or does not respond to a puppy or puppies available to them, the application will be removed from the waiting list.  Though the applicant is removed from the waiting list, the application and fee will be honored as long as we are still raising puppies.

Visits, deliveries, and flight transportation are subject to change due to the recent worldwide pandemic.

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